Best Tool to Improve English Writing Skills

How Does an Online Grammar & Spell Check Tool Help in Improving English…?

These days, so many people are trying different tools and software to improve their vocabulary and writing skills. Since the migrants are not familiar with the native language as good as the locals, English learning tutorials are the best way of improving your skills, both written and spoken. If you are one of those trying your level best to learn the English language, some tutorials can help you to understand it well. But the challenges would still arrive if you are bad in your written English.

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It’s better if you can try a tool for the English spelling check, grammar check, vocabulary check, punctuation and paraphrasing check. These tools are highly recommended when you want to improve your English writing skills.

The Best Tools to Improve Grammar, Spelling, Vocab & Paraphrasing

Grammarly: This is a very useful site you can use to double-check the quality of your written content. It highlights your common mistakes, wrong grammar & sentence. Also, they recommend the actual word choice which fits in the space appropriately. It seems effective to broaden your vocabulary and make your academic, professional, application, resumes, technical reports grammatically accurate.

Hemingway app: The Hemingway app is an ideal app which gives you the number of the quality of your content. This is a web-based and desktop standalone software which helps you to edit your written English. Tackle your common mistakes and frequent errors you find in your document. It highlights the sentences hard to read, tough to understand and sentences written in passive voice. Also, it will increase the rank of the overuse of adverse and much more.

WhiteSmoke: In a Whitesmoke app, you will have to put only a sentence or two as the word count limitation is there for checking grammar, spelling or punctuation as well. This app works perfectly to help you identify the errors and eliminate those completely visible.

Ginger: Ginger works same like other grammar check apps and also, catches the spelling errors. You will get a chance to learn from your own mistakes by using the app. Non-native English speakers will find it a beneficial way of improving their English and check the grammar, spelling and can rephrase the sentences feasibly.

Virtual Writing Tutor: Virtual writing tutor helps you in determining the right tool for checking spelling errors, grammar, vocabulary, paraphrasing and many more. Once you know that you have a Virtual Writing Tutor, you will learn to write an error-free document without having any error as they underline the error to help you understand the problem right away.